E-Karatsu Bajohai Shrimp (Mike Martino)


e-karatsu footed sake cup with shrimp iron decoration

Approximately D3.8″x H3.6″
Wood-fired stoneware
Made in Saga, Japan by Mike Martino

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Michael Martino Saga, Japan
Michael Martino
Saga, Japan

Karatsu ware is a diverse, history-laden style of pottery that is among Japan’s most esteemed ceramic traditions. It developed in Kyushu, the area closest to the Korean Peninsula and home to the port through which all non-Japanese once entered the insular island nation. Thus, the foreign influence on this type of ceramics is as inseparable from its identity as the gritty sandstone that comprises a large portion of its clay. 

It’s especially fitting that Mike Martino, an American who’s lived in Kyushu for many years, has applied his skill and enthusiasm to the production of karatsu ware. His fresh, discerning eye is coupled with tremendous respect for the historical examples that Mike studies carefully in his practice. The result is lovely, highly functional work that we’re thrilled to share with you.