Butter Case with Butter Knife : Wild Cherry and Black Walnut (Maeda Mitsuru)


Approximately L5.7″x W3.5″xH2.25
Includes one walnut butter knife (the knife cannot be stored in the case)
Each item will have unique wood grains and spots and therefore may not look like the one in the photo.
The case fits two sticks of “Elgin-style” butter (4 3⁄4″ by 1 1⁄4″ by 1 1⁄4″) perfectly side by side.
Yamazakura (wild cherry) wood with plant-based oil finish
Handmade in Japan by Maeda Mitsuru

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Maeda Mitsuru, Tokyo Japan

Japanese woodworker Maeda Mitsuru has been creating woodwork for daily use at his studio in western Tokyo for the last 17 years. His objects are so well-designed that they have never fallen out of popularity since we first introduced his work in the US over a decade ago.

The lid of this butter case is slightly domed and thick enough so that it doesn’t warp even in the dry environment of the refrigerator. Wooden butter cases maintain the butter moist and softer than inside a ceramic or glass cases.