Ceramic Speakers Set (Kuriya Masakatsu)


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Approximately L13.5” x W6” x H7” (each, includes two)
Glazed & Unglazed Ceramic enclosure
Internal speakers by FOSTEX model FE87En full range unit
Handmade in Japan by Kuriya Masakatsu

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Kuriya Masakatsu is extremely skilled at incorporating elements of the traditional pottery of Japan’s past into the contemporary designs of his own creation. His work featuring green oribe glaze that originated in the 16th century is crisp and modern. Kuriya-san comfortably produces tea and sake wares as well as pour-over coffee droppers and these ingenious ceramic speakers.

Watch YouTube footage of these speakers in action ->

This set of speakers shows Kuriya-san’s enthusiasm for music as well as pottery. His unconventional use of ceramics for enclosure shows the material’s inherent potential. The internal speakers are by FOSTEX (model FE87En) in Japan and have a beautiful sound that is further enhanced by the bass reflex design enclosure that surround them. These represent Kuriya-san’s greatest adventure in clay–yet.  (Set of two)