Cherry Toast Plate: Cherry (Okubo Kotaro)

Japanese cherry wood
Approximately L8.6″xW7.75″xH1″
Each one is handmade and will slightly vary in size. The grain will vary and will not be identical to the one in photo
Hand-shaved using Nankin ganna by Okubo Kotaro in Matsumoto, Japan


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Japanese woodworker Okubo Kotaro is one of Japan’s most prolific woodworkers, known for making this distinctive curved wooden cooking implements. He carves each piece by hand, using a shave tool called “Nankin Ganna,” a version of a spoke shave with a made-to-order blade by a metalsmith precisely tuned for his use.

Kotaro makes around 6000 utensils annually, which means an astonishing rate of 500 pieces a month.  Working with wood nourishes Kotaro with constant discovery and inspiration.