Coffee Dripper Set (Kazu Oba) (Maeda Mitsuru)


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Coffee Dripper Set includes:-
2 Coffee Mugs by Kazu Oba $40 each L3.25″x4.5″x2.5″ holds about 8 floz to the brim
1 Pitcher by Kazu Oba $110 L3.6″xW5.5″xH4.25″ holds about 18 floz
1 Dripper and dripper holder set $70 dripper compatible with Chemex or Hario cone paper coffee filter
1 Cherry Coffee Scoop $38
1 Carved Cherry Tray by Maeda Mitsuru $110


Ceramic artist Kazu Oba of Colorado was working as a kitchen cook for 15 years when he started paying attention to the vessels on which his food was being served on. He became a potter and apprenticed under Nakazato Takashi, master potter from Karatsu, Japan. Kazu’s creations appear quiet and modest at first glance. But as soon as they are used, you will quickly recognize that they are carefully crafted to enhance the food placed in them. His pots are perfect for the modern dining table with crisp and beguiling rims.

Maeda Mitsuru is committed to making beautiful wood items for everyday use that are friendly for their users as well as for the environment. His trays are beautifully carved on the surface so that the items on top don’t slip in transport.  The coffee scoop easily measures approximately 0.36 oz, the recommended amount of ground coffee to drip a 8 floz cup. Both items are finished with plant-based, food-grade oil and will develop a beautiful varnish over time.