Fern Pattern Hand-dyed Large Square Linen Cloth (Saratetsu)


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L38″ x W38″

100% Japanese linen, hemmed on all sides
Yuzen-dyed Japanese linen with fern pattern from a vintage stencil
Handmade in Japan by Hagiwara Ichizo of Saratetsu

Color: Natural linen color fern on wisteria purple colored background / Solid light blue color on reverse

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Hagiwara Ichizo
Tokyo, Japan

This square linen wrapping cloth was individually hand dyed in Tokyo, Japan by Hagiwara Ichizo of Saratetsu. Saratetsu is a third-geneneration family-owned company that has been in existence since 1910. Remarkably, Saratetsu is the only company in Tokyo specialized in wrapping cloth to still utilize the time-consuming, traditional method of yuzen dyeing. Yuzen is a dyeing method that uses traditional rice husk resist.

This fern pattern was revived from a collection of vintage stencils that was found in Saratetsu’s extensive library of designs in 2012, and only one of this furoshiki was dyed to test the color combinations. Fern is symbolic of a long life and family prosperity.