Large Frosted Flared Bowl: Blown and Etched Glass (Nitta Yoshiko)


Approximately D9.5″ x H3.2″
Blown and etched glass
Made Japan by Nitta Yoshiko

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Japanese glass artist Nitta Yoshiko wants to create vessels that show the true colors of the objects that they are holding. This is why she exclusively works with clear glass. Each piece is mouth-blown, then resists are applied by hand to sand blast her signature patterns onto them. The resulting patterns are not only beautiful, but also creates grooves that make the vessels easier to hold and handle.

Yoshiko has been making glass since graduating from Kurashiki University of Science and Arts in 2000, and she has held numerous solo exhibitions at leading department stores and galleries in Japan. In November 2017, over 150 pieces of Yoshiko’s glass work was shown at the Mingei Museum’s Collector’s Gallery in San Diego, CA.