Gintsugi Wood-fired Bowl 2018 (Shumpei Yamaki)


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Approximately D5.5″ x H2.8″
Wood-fired stoneware with gintsugi (or gin naoshi) lacquer repair with silver.
Made in Iowa by Shumpei Yamaki.
The silver repair was carried out by a 4th generation Yamanaka lacquerware craftsman in Kaga, Ishikawa prefecture.

Shumpei’s bowls have the most beautiful forms and this one is adorned with a very rare beautiful green ash deposit in a large area. The contrasting dark spots are from the embers in the wood kiln. A part of the lip broke when the bowl was removed from the kiln where the ash dripped, but Shumpei wanted to repair it with urushi because of its truly rare and exquisite scenery.


The work of Iowa potter Shumpei Yamaki is refreshingly modern with beautiful sharp lines. Shumpei takes considerable time and care to load the pieces in his wood-firing kiln so that he is able to maximize the effects of fire and ash on each of his pieces.