Gray Soba Cups Noren on Linen


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Approximately L46″ x W34″
Made in Japan by Yamauchi Takeshi
The colors on any part of the noren maybe uneven due to its hand-dyed nature.
Noren fabric dividers are usually hung in doorways. They can also be hung between rooms, on walls, or in windows.


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Renowned Japanese textile designer Yamauchi Takeshi has been designing and dyeing textiles for over 60 years at his studio, Atelier Nuiya, in Hamatsu City in Shizuoka. Yamauchi-san’s work is known as ‘kata-e-zome’ (pronounced kata-eh-zomeh), a term coined by the Japanese government to specifically recognize the achievement of Yamauchi-san’s teacher of 6 years, the legendary textile designer Serizawa Keisuke (1895-1984), who was awarded a Living National Treasure title in 1956. Following in the footsteps of his revered teacher, Yamauchi-san carries out all aspects of the production processes by himself even though he is 81 years old. This involves a set of highly labor-intensive work routines including creating the stencil, applying resist, and finally dyeing that is normally shared by several craftsmen in a traditional studio.