Iga Namazume Cup (Kojima Yosuke)


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Iga ware is fired multiple times in the kiln with wood. The pieces have warps, cracks, bumps, and burns that are all essential part of its wabi aesthetic.
If you are averse to imperfections please do not purchase this item.

Approximately L3″xW2.75″xH3.25″

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Kojima Yosuke
Mie, Japan

Namazume refers to the shape of this cup, which literally translates as ‘raw nail’ in Japanese. The shape references a famous Iga vase of similar form that was once owned by Furuta Oribe (1544-1615), a daimyo and celebrated tea master who was a disciple to Sen no Rikyu (1522-1591). Furuta gave away the vase at the earnest request of his tea student Ueda Soko (1563-1650) when he wrote; “to give away this flower vase is a similar pain to having my nails removed raw,” and so named the vase “Namazume.”

The revered ash glaze, burn marks, warping, chipping, and cracking are all part of the appeal of Kojima Yosuke’s work. His focus is on the unique effects on the chunky clay fired with wood, and many of his pieces are fired multiple times in the kiln.