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KAGUYA Pourer Katakuchi (Naru)


Watch Naru create this pourer on YouTube video by JETRO
Approximately L4.5″x W3.5″x H4.5″
Holds about 10 floz to below the spout
Made in Taketa, Oita by Naru

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Naru (Inoue Naruhito) working at his studio in Taketa, Oita Japan

Japanese glass artist Naru relocated from his hometown in Yokohama in 2015 to Taketa in Oita prefecture of Kyushu, as part of the town’s effort to revitalize through craft tourism.
“After I arrived here, I wanted to create work using local materials,” Naru explains. “And because it is Taketa, I wanted to use bamboo.” “Taketa” literally means “bamboo fields.”
Through trial and error, Naru devised a method to cure bamboo to use as molds for glassblowing. Now, his main line of work is made using these bound bamboo molds that create beautiful soft curved lines. He named the series “Kaguya”, after the bamboo princess Kaguya, who was born from a segment of bamboo in the old Japanese folklore, “The Tale of The Bamboo Cutter” (竹取物語).