Kawarake Side Dish (Kazu Oba)


In this work, Kazu is referencing the simplicity of the humble Kawarake plate, an unglazed ceramic plate used to carry offerings for the gods in Japan. Quickly thrown on the wheel and cut off at the foot with a string, sun-dried kawarake are ritually thrown and broken to ward off evil in temples, most famously at Jingo-ji temple in Mt. Takao of Kyoto.

Approximately D6 x H1.1”
Unglazed high-fired stoneware, stacked and fired in the kiln
Three slight and beautiful wad marks in the center
Handmade in the US by Kazu Oba


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Ceramic artist Kazu Oba of Colorado was working as a restaurant cook for 15 years when he started paying attention to the vessels on which his food was being served on. He became a potter and apprenticed under Nakazato Takashi, master potter from Karatsu, Japan. Kazu’s creations appear quiet and modest at first glance. But as soon as they are used, you will quickly recognize that they are carefully crafted to enhance the food placed in them. His pots are modern, clean, and are finished with perfectly beguiling rims.