Kintsugi Salt Cellar: Ayumi Horie Horie and Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Collaboration 2014


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Unpolished gold repair (keshikin) kintsugi using urushi lacquer and gold powder.
Approximately D3.5″x H2.8″ (D4″x H3.25″ including lid)
Porcelain body with oil finished cherry wood lid

Small broken pieces of pottery were saved and used in repairing the container. The Kintsugi repair was carried out by a 4th generation Yamanaka lacquerware craftsman in Kaga, Ishikawa prefecture.


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Made in collaboration with potter Ayumi Horie and woodworkshop Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. in Kingston, NY. It took months to organize the collaboration in 2014, because each wooden lid had to be custom-turned to fit each pot. The salt cellar broke when it was accidentally dropped while photographing the piece in 2014.