Kitchen Stool – Japanese Oak (Maeda Mitsuru)


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Approximately D11.2″(seat)x H21.5″
Legs 11.25″ and 14.8″ diagonally
The seat surface of this stool is beautifully textured and there are two grooves on the underside for easy grip. Made from Japanese Oak wood with plant-based oil finish
Handmade in Japan by Maeda Mitsuru


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Maeda Mitsuru Tokyo, Japan
Maeda Mitsuru
Tokyo, Japan

What Maeda Mitsuru apart from other woodworkers is his compassionate point of view. From the items he makes, you can tell that he has spent a significant amount of time considering what might improve the user’s experience.

Maeda-san has thought deeply about the person who spends many hours in the kitchen for the family. He created this stool so that it takes up the least space in the kitchen, while providing a little resting place for the hard-working cook. Even if the break is just for a few minutes until the soup comes to a boil ready to skim or to watch the food under the broiler so that it gets a perfect sear. It shows that great things in design is born out of empathy for the ones you care about.