Large Hakeme Plate (Ontayaki)


Approximately D9.5″ x H1.9″

The village of Onta and its pottery making process were designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property by the Japanese government in 1995.

Ontayaki glaze has minute cracks that can stain with use, and therefore is not recommended for people who are averse to pot stains. Any warping, clay impurities, and unique marks contribute to the “landscape” of the piece and reflect its handmade nature.

This plate has ‘mehagi’ circle where the glaze was removed in a circle in the center to prevent stacked pots from sticking to each other.

Wood-fired stoneware with white slip.


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Ontayaki is produced in a small village in northern Oita prefecture by 10 families that are the descendants of its founders who date back to 1705.  Its pottery making process begins from the harvesting, pounding, elutriating and drying of the local clay that takes more than a month. After the clay is prepared, the pots are thrown, slipped, glazed and fired in saggers in wood-firing kiln using only traditional tools and methods.