Natsume Tea Container with Cherry Blossoms 中棗桜 (Hashizume Reiko)

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Natsume tea container, Rikyu-gata Chu-Natsume
Solid Japanese Zelkova wood base with urushi maki-e in silver, polished black urushi
Includes a signed wooden box.
Made using high-quality urushi from China for the base coats, followed by Japanese urushi for top layers.
Made in Japan by Hashizume Reiko


Urushi artist Hashizume Reiko in Kuroe, Wakayama has been making urushi tea utensils and jewelries for over 20 years. After studying at Tsukuba University of Art and Design, she worked as a designer for several years in Tokyo before returning to Kuroe. While many traditional urushi artisans stick to the conventional motifs and flowers like cherries and chrysanthemums for tea containers, Reiko creates clean and simple contemporary designs and also spotlights humble motifs.