Negoro Urushi Sake Cup (Hashizume Yasuo)


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Approximately D3.6”xH1.25″ with Box
Made in Kuroe by Hashizume Yasuo

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Hashizume Yasuo’s collection of urushi brushes

Negoro nuri was originally produced by the monks from Negoro-ji temple in Wakayama prefecture beginning in the 12th Century. In negoro-nuri, the monks made their own utensils by applying many layers of black urushi onto the wood base that was followed by a top-coat of red urushi. The vermillion color has a distinctive depth because of the dark layers underneath, and as the surface becomes polished with use, the black is gradually revealed.

This negoro work was created by Hashizume Yasuo in Kuroe, Wakayama prefecture. The wood is coated with urushi, a natural resin extracted from a urushi tree. With proper care, this negoro-style urushi will develop a beautiful sheen and a dark tone over time.