Kintsugi Oribe Mentori Coffee Pour Over Set (Kuriya Masakatsu)


Coffee pour over set -four pieces with Kintsugi
The cone with kintsugi must be hand-washed and cannot be microwaved

Repaired using urushi and gold by NY Kintsugi artist Gunji Yuko
I’ve had shipping issues throughout this pandemic and this pourover arrived broken after a long trip on the boat. I didn’t have the heart to throw it away so repaired it to remember this era that we’re living in. If you have a broken object that is close to your heart, I highly recommend getting help from Gunji san. She’s an excellent kintsugi artist and uses genuine, high quality material for her repairs.

Hand made in Mashiko Japan by Kuriya Masakatsu and may vary slightly in size and color
Compatible with cone paper filters (like Hario v60 #1&2)
Approximate measurements:-
-Pitcher L6.25”xW4″xH4.5”
holds about 15floz to just below the spout
The spout pours without dripping.
-Cone Dripper  D5.2”xH3.25”

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Kuriya Masakatsu is extremely skilled at incorporating elements of the traditional pottery of Japan’s past into the contemporary designs of his own creation. His work featuring green oribe glaze that originated in the 16th century is crisp and modern.