Peach Tree Kutani Iroe Plate (Horihata Ran)


Each item is hand-painted and will slightly vary in design from the one in this photo

Approximately D7.75″x1.2″

Porcelain with underglaze cobalt (sometsuke) and overglaze enamel (Iroe)
Made in Ishikawa by Horihata Ran

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Horihata Ran of Nomi City, Ishikawa, is an up and coming Japanese Kutaniyaki (Kutani ware) potter, who is worldly-wise and talented beyond her years. Her work is fresh and bold, unlike many painted Kutaniyaki porcelain that are either too busy or too traditional looking for contemporary dining table.  Ran’s brushwork carry a sense of deliverance from convention and her vessels enhance the food that are served on them.