Rectangular Celadon Plate (Hoshino Gen)


Approximately  L10.7″xW6.5″xH2.25″
Porcelain with celadon glaze
Handmade in Japan by Hoshino Gen

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The functional works of Hoshino Gen, a Japanese ceramic artist, demonstrate a perfect balance of form and decoration in that both are spared anything unnecessary. The result is work that is stunning in its simplicity but highly suggestive of nature which gives the pieces a meditative quality.

Hoshino-san’s making process involves casting porcelain slip into a plaster mold. When the slip dries to the texture of mud, he uses spatulas to remove and manipulate the slip in swiping movements reminiscent of a gestural painter working on a canvas. The artist finishes his work with a beautiful, ancient celadon glaze notorious for its difficulty to fire.

The subtlety of line, the suggestion of movement, and the grace of the artist’s pieces reflect his initial course of studies in sculpture as well as a childhood spent in a home with his ceramic artist parents.