Reproduction Tankard with Lid: Bald Cypress (Marshall Scheetz)


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Iron bound
Approximately Top D4″/ Bottom D6.8″/ Height 8.25″
Handmade in the US
Tankards in this style were very common throughout Europe from the middle ages up through the 19th century. Marshall has seen evidence for them in use in domestic and industrial settings; kitchens, taverns, breweries, dairies, distilleries, etc. They are sometimes made much larger to be used as serving pitchers.


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Master cooper Marshall Scheetz of Jamestown Cooperage in Virginia, is one of only half a dozen or so remaining coopers in the U.S. with the ability to create and repair all kinds of cooperage using traditional tools.

Marshall continues an ancient skill of cooperage taught by his master James Pettingell who was master cooper at Colonial Williamsburg until 2016. He is a scholar, teacher and expert on cooperage history, and is also able to create a variety of accurate reproductions of period cooperage.