Sake Pourer Snow (Hanako Nakazato)


This vessel pours without dripping or dribbling and holds about 16 floz to the brim

Approximately L4.9″ x W4.4″ x H3.2″
Glazed, hand-thrown stoneware
There are impurities and unique marks on this piece
Made in Maine by Hanako Nakazato

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Hanako Nakazato Maine USA, Saga Japan
Hanako Nakazato
Maine USA, Saga Japan

This spouted bowl was created by Hanako Nakazato in Union, Maine. She is a 14th generation potter from the famous pottery town of Karatsu, Japan. Hanako’s skill in making reflects her famous pottery lineage but also allows her to explore her own aesthetic. She believes that her work is complete only when it is used and we’re happy to oblige.