Slider Stool -Japanese Oak- (Maeda Mitsuru)


Approximate measurements:
Top L16″x W12.6″x H16.2″
Base L20″x W13.7″
Each stool is handmade and the wood grain will vary and it will not be identical to the photo

Of all the furniture in a home, the humble stool is moved around the most. Maeda Mitsuru designed these ingenious stools to slide easily on carpets and floors. Their unique base makes casual seating a breeze-anywhere in the house. I use it as a table to put books and cups just as often as sitting on them.
There are four grooves around the underside of each seat for ease of handling in all directions.
Made in Japan by Maeda Mitsuru

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Maeda Mitsuru, Tokyo Japan

Japanese woodworker Maeda Mitsuru has been creating woodwork for daily use at his studio in western Tokyo for the last 18 years. His objects are so well-designed that they have never fallen out of popularity since we first introduced his work in the US over a decade ago.

Maeda san spends a significant amount of time considering the design of his work to improve the user’s experience. These stools are extremely gentle on all surfaces because of their smooth, wide feet. The idea for the stool was adapted from the ski-like rails that were attached to low chairs used on Japanese tatami mats. The skis prevented the chairs from damaging the delicate, woven rush covering of the mats.