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Small Kohiki Plate (Inoue Shigeru)


Kohiki are prone to spotting and staining and will gradually season with time and use.

Kohiki white slip covered, glazed stoneware.
There are irregularities, spots and unique marks on this piece.
Made from a mixture of Awajishima and Tokoname native clays and white slip coating.
Gas fired stoneware
Made in Japan by Inoue Shigeru

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Japanese potter Inoue Shigeru began making pots while he was an office worker almost a decade ago because he dreamed about creating elegant pieces like the beautiful Korean Kohiki (Buncheong) wares.

But he also wanted to use only natural materials, and as it turned out, it was horribly difficult. Some professional potters told Inoue-san such efforts were stupid because it made no significant difference to the results, which he disagreed with.

Inoue-san now is a full-time potter, creating a truly original body of work. His pots have earthy beauty with powerful appeal. While no two pots are the same, each one is a perfect background for serving food. You can see his enthusiastic Japanese fans serving up on his vessels through social media.