Small Negoro-nuri Urushi Bowl 根来塗小椀(Hashizume Yasuo)


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Approximately D4.75″xH2.8″
Negoro-style urushi bowl.
Solid Keyaki (Zelkova) wood base layered with black urushi and top coats of red urushi. This bowl has a matte and rustic finish with irregularities and unique marks.
As the surface becomes polished with use, the vermillion will develop a black tone.
Made using high-quality urushi from China for the base coats, followed by Japanese urushi for top layers.
Made in Japan by Hashizume Yasuo

Entoten will donate a part of the proceed from the sale of this item to Urushinext to plant an urushi tree in Japan.


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Urushi artist Hashizume Yasuo in Kuroe, Wakayama, specializes in urushi work in splendid maki-e, and also in negoro-nuri. Maki-e is an elaborate and meticulous technique for applying designs onto the urushi surface. Designs are made with precious materials like powdered gold and silver, or inlaid with a variety of decorations like mother-of-pearl and even eggshells. He had won numerous awards for his work during his career covering over 6 decades.