Small Woodfired Vase (Kenneth Pincus)


Approximately L3.5″xW3″xH4.8″
Slight warping at mouth with green ash glaze
Wood-fired stoneware fired at Skyline kiln in Portland
Handmade in Oregon by Kenneth Pincus

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Potter Kenneth Pincus at a kick wheel in his studio in Oregon

Oregon Potter Kenneth Pincus has been making objects for use in our daily lives for many years. He studied under the master potter Yoshida Yoshihiko in Japan, as well as in Taiwan and UC Santa Cruz. Under Yoshida, Kenneth learned the importance of maintaining an open mind and finding his own way in clay.

At first glance, Kenneth’s work is simple. But under their quiet surface, there is so much vigor that invites the pieces to be picked up. This tea bowl with beautiful kiseto glaze is perfect for both tea ceremony and everyday use. The form is well-balanced and comfortable to wipe the rim with chakin. It also has a beautiful mikomi.  Kenneth Pincus’ beautiful work is ideal for being interwoven into your practical lives, and become your true and constant companions.