Smoked Bamboo Chashaku Tea Scoop 煤竹茶杓 3 (Tanimura Tango)


Approximately  L7.3″x W0.5″x H0.6″
Smoked natural bamboo
Handmade in Japan by Tanimura Tango


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Bamboo is a highly versatile, renewable, and natural material that has long been appreciated in Asia. In fact, it is the perfect material with which to make the implements associated with Japanese tea: the tea whisk (chasen), the water ladle (hishaku), the flower vase (hanaire), tea scoop (chashaku), and lid-rest (Futaoki).

The Tanimura family of Nara, Japan has been making tea whisks for 20 generations over 500 years so it is natural that they would eventually apply their skills and understanding of bamboo to the production of other tea implements including the tea scoop (Chashaku) used for scooping tea out of tea containers.

Each chashaku is made from bamboo that has been exposed to smoke over time over a hearth.

Entoten is thrilled to bring you these stunning implements from Tanimura Tango’s home studio in Nara, Japan. They are made with the accumulated knowledge of the remarkable Tanimura lineage and with Tanimura-san’s continued adherence to his predecessors’ exacting standards.