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Tea Bowl (Satoshi Yoshikawa)

Approximately L5″xW4.75″xH3.5″
Hand-formed, gas-fired teabowl by Satoshi Yoshikawa
Made in Toronto, Canada

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Satoshi YOSHIKAWA is a Japanese potter based in Toronto, Canada. Satoshi’s passion for tea ceramics began over 20 years ago when he saw the old Shigaraki, Ao-ido, and Muji-Karatsu tea bowls while working at an antique store in Kyobashi. He trained under Abe Anjin, the celebrated and highly unconventional painter-turned-potter of Bizen with whom he had his first successful exhibition in Tokyo in 2014.

He moved to Canada in 2019 to be with his wife Mika and makes his pots next to her shop, MIKA Fleur, on College Street, Toronto.