Tokoname Kyusu Teapot 160 ml (Yamada Yutaro)


Approximate weight and volume
106 g / 160cc
3.7 oz / 5.4 floz
Handmade in Tokoname Japan by Yamada Yutaro
Tokoname clay.

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This teapot was created by Yamada Yutaro of Tokoname, who is a rising star among Japanese kyusu (teapot) makers. Yamada-san’s kyusu is comfortable to hold by one hand without any part of the user’s hand touching the lower body of the kyusu as it can get quite hot. The spout pours smoothly and does not dribble. The strainer allows for the last drop of tea to come out of the pot easily. From clay preparation to firing, Yamada-san is tirelessly meticulous in creating his teapots.