Tokoname Shudei Yunomi Mini (Yamada Yutaro)


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Approximately D2″xH1.3″
Each one is handmade and will have imperfections and may slightly vary in size and color.
Holds approximately 30cc to the brim (good for serving 20cc)
Handmade in Japan by Yamada Yutaro

Please rinse with warm water before and after use and do not scrub when cleaning the yunomi. You may use gentle dishwashing soap but it is not necessary and soap is usually avoided by tea connoisseurs. This yunomi is unglazed and it will develop a beautiful patina with use.

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Kyusu maker Yamada Yutaro of Tokoname

This tea cup was created by Yamada Yutaro of Tokoname, who is a rising star among Japanese kyusu (teapot) makers. The research, enthusiasm, and consideration he puts into each of his works is astounding.