Traceable Cedar Chopsticks “Yu” (Style Of Japan)

24cm / 9.5″ Cedar finished with Beeswax (Reusable)

PEFC Certified cedar from Echizen City in Fukui Prefecture
Harvested in November 2019, tree diameter 40 cm, tree age more than 40 years.
Wood milled by Newchip Co.
Wood processed by Kitamura Masahiro, Mori Woodshop.
Beeswax coating by Kawabuchi Takashi
Designed by Hara Shuzo and Toike Shuhei
Made in Japan by Style Of Japan

Shipping within the US via USPS Firs-Class is included in the price


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Traceable cedar chopsticks made by Style Of Japan, based in Fukui prefecture. Designed for utmost comfort in use, the chopstick is square at the end so that it sits comfortably between the index finger and the thumb. The section held with the fingers is octagonal, providing a comfortable grip. The tip is tapered to a circle making it easy to pick up tiniest pieces of food. They are coated with beeswax which retains the texture of the wood.