Vase (Takahashi Nami)


Approximately D4″xH4.6″

Slip cast porcelain
Made in Japan by Takahashi Nami

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Tokyo-based ceramic artist Takahashi Nami studied ceramics at Musashino Art University Junior College and at the National Institute of Art for Ceramics in Faenza, Italy. After returning to Japan in 1999, Nami started creating slip-cast porcelain sculptures and tableware. With the encouragement of the late ceramics expert Hayashiya Seizo, Nami started creating teaware and in 2016 was awarded the Best New Artist at the 63rd Japan Kogei Crafts Exhibition.

Nami’s work features the texture of matte porcelain with sculptural and crisp lines that carries surprising softness and warmth. She uses this unique power of porcelain to express beauty found in nature.