Wood-fired Horizontal Vase Medium (Bill Geisinger 503)


Approximately L11.25″xW2.5″xH4.25″
Wood-fired stoneware
Made in California by Bill Geisinger

There is a sticker with a unique number on the piece for Bill to keep track of his one-of-a-kind pieces.
Please remove as needed.
Made in California by Bill Geisinger

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Bill Geisinger, Sabastopol California

Ceramic works by Bill Geisinger are a poignant reminder of our love for simplicity and natural materials. Bill’s works are made using local clay that he dug up himself and fired using eucalyptus wood in his beautiful studio and kiln in Sebastopol, California. The fallen ash on the earthy surface of the clay creates exquisite natural landscapes that are surprising and mysteriously captivating.