Wood-fired Tea Bowl (Shumpei Yamaki)


Shumpei Yamaki’s new tea bowl is a reflection of his spirituality, and the care he puts into shaping his work on the wheel. Simple and beautiful, this tea bowl is with magnificent ash deposit in the front. There is slight warping on the foot due to the wood-firing process, but that should not interfere with tea whisking, and the foot may also be sanded flat if preferred. The dark background brings out the beautiful green of matcha too.
Approximately L5.5″xW5.25″xH3.1″
Holds approximately 16floz. to the brim
Wood-fired stoneware with no glaze

Made in Iowa by Shumpei Yamaki

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The work of Iowa potter Shumpei Yamaki is refreshingly modern with beautiful sharp lines. Shumpei takes considerable time and care to load the pieces in his wood-firing kiln so that he is able to maximize the effects of fire and ash on each of his pieces. Since 2019 Shumpei has been firing without the use of a thermometer or pyrometric cones. Find out why he stopped using these seemingly helpful devices to control the firing in our blog post ->