Wooden Coffee Measuring Scoop: Cherry (Maeda Mitsuru)


L4.75″ x W2″ x H1″
Holds and measures approximately 0.36oz of ground coffee
Handmade by Mitsuru Maeda

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Maeda Mitsuru
Tokyo, Japan

Many of us cannot conceive of a morning without coffee and making it is just the means to an end. But shouldn’t we enjoy preparing it as much as drinking it? Japanese woodworker Mitsuru Maeda turned his talent toward the morning ritual and it resulted in these handmade coffee measuring scoops. Carefully made in his Japanese studio of American walnut or cherry wood, each is finished with a food-grade, plant-based oil. Each scoop holds approximately 0.36oz, the recommended measure of ground coffee per cup by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Using one is certain to improve the most important part of the morning.