Wooden Coffee Scoop: Cherry (Maeda Mitsuru)


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L4.75″ x W2″ x H1″
Each item will have unique wood grains and spots and therefore may not look like the one in the photo. Plant-based oil finish.
Holds and measures approximately 0.36 oz of ground coffee
Handmade by Mitsuru Maeda

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Maeda Mitsuru, Tokyo Japan

Japanese woodworker Maeda Mitsuru spends a significant amount of time considering what might improve the user’s experience. 

Many of us cannot conceive of a morning without coffee and we enjoy preparing it as much as drinking it. Maeda-san made these handmade coffee measuring scoops so that we can easily measure approximately 0.36 oz, the recommended amount of ground coffee to drip a 8 floz cup.