Wooden Spoon: Cherry (Maeda Mitsuru)


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L6.75″ x W1.5″ x H1″
Each item will have unique wood grains and spots and therefore may not look like the one in the photo.
Cherry finished with a food-grade, plant-based oil.
Handmade by Maeda Mitsuru in Tokyo Japan


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Maeda Mitsuru, Tokyo Japan

What sets Japanese woodworker Maeda Mitsuru apart from others is his compassionate point of view. From the items he makes, you can tell that he has spent a significant amount of time considering what might improve the user’s experience.

Many home cooks use wooden spoons while working in the kitchen. They’re light, clean easily, and most importantly, are quiet against the metal surfaces of pots and pans. It makes sense, then, that professional chefs also use them but for a more specific purpose: tasting a dish to season it. Wood doesn’t heat up the way that metal does, allowing the chef to make a quicker decision.