Wooden Spoon: Walnut (Maeda Mitsuru)


L6.75″ x W1.5″ x H1″
Handmade by Mitsuru Maeda

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Maeda Mitsuru
Tokyo, Japan

Many home cooks use wooden spoons while working in the kitchen. They’re light, clean easily, and most importantly, are quiet against the metal surfaces of pots and pans. It makes sense, then, that professional chefs also use them but for a more specific purpose: tasting a dish to season it. Wood doesn’t heat up the way that metal does, allowing the chef to make a quicker decision.

Mitsuru Maeda’s handmade wooden spoons of American-sourced walnut or cherry wood are equally appropriate for tasting at the stovetop or table. Each is finished with a food-grade, plant-based oil. These spoons await use in your kitchen or while eating winter soups and stews.