Hello, I’m Ai Kanazawa Cheung, the owner of Entoten online store and blog based in San Diego, California.

Interpreting at Yoshikawa Masamichi’s studio in Aichi for pottery tour to Japan in 2016

I started as a co-owner of Studio KotoKoto in 2012 and established Entoten in 2017. Through Entoten, my goal is to introduce and promote the beauty of craft in the context of everyday life. I believe that the connections between people and cultures can be deepened through the language of craft, which is our collective tradition.

I also write, interpret, and translate for craft related tours and publications in Japan and the U.S. Thank you for visiting my website!

The circular Window of Enlightenment at Genko-an, a Buddhist temple in Kyoto that dates to 1346

The word Entoten means “circle and dot” in Japanese. The beautiful objects and the stories found on our website represent the many dots that are joined together to make up a circle. In Japanese culture, an enso or a circle symbolizes the state of perfect balance: its simple shape depicts qualities like void and form, perfection and imperfection, which are opposing yet inherent qualities in our natural surroundings.